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The Solution to Bridge Employee Onboarding with Everyday Relevant Workplace Information.

Employee onbarding is not great anywhere

The majority of organizations see employee onboarding as a generic initial process a new hire goes through in their first 1-30 days

Cost vs. value

Onboarding is the 1st thing that sets a new hire for success or failure. It is also true that it takes time for a every new employee to become productive, efficient and be able to perform independently. The more demanding the job or position is, the longer it will take for a new hire to cost the hiring organisation more than they bring positive value. Unfortunately, it is also the first months when new employees are most likely to leave, and poor onboarding is one of the main causes.

The typical approach

The typical approach to employee onboarding is a linear process through which all employees are whisked through: Sit through corporate presentations and videos, read manuals, take courses and quizzes, meet colleagues, get a debrief of the task from the manager, and get links to the intranet and dozens of other systems and apps.
If this was a working model, it should't take 6-12 months for employees to become net positive for the organization.

Employees can't find their way

The problem is that for the new hire, onboarding is usually a separate process from their normal day-to-day work. In order to become productive and get on with their work independently, employees have to be able to find, access and understand everything related to their work. All too often employees are left to figure things out on their own after their "official onboarding" with very limited help. This leads to huge waste, confusion, mistakes, and eventually to employee dissatisfaction.

How the human brain works

The Adelant approach to employee onboarding is based on research done on how humans think and learn; in a radiant manner rather than linearly. Everything is connected: Adelant bridges onboarding processes with networked information into one unique system to improve time-to-productivity of new employees and increase the productivity of current employees.Our goal is to help employees find answers to Who, What, How & Where -> expediting employee onboarding and time-to productivity.

Reduce time-to-productivity by 20-50%

By changing how workplace information is discovered & understood from day 1 onwards.

The thing with workplace information...

According to Gartner, nearly 50% of Digital Workers struggle to find information to effectively perform their jobs.
This is a major issue for your current employees, but a gigantic hurdle for new hires who at the same time have to try to learn and internalize new things.

Simplifying with visual approach

The problem in the workplace is that IT systems are designed for processes and not "humans 1st". A better way to interact with systems and information is to use mindmaps and relationship diagrams, because that's closer to how our brains operate.
This is how we approach onboarding and information. We simplify and visualize to make things easier to understand.

Why is Adelant different from other onboarding solutions?

Other onboarding solutions focus on either preboarding and the first days, i.e. HR paperwork, payroll, etc. OR on providing a linear workflows to deliver presentations, videos and questionnaires to employees, OR then they're basically a collaboration tool, OR they are a task management tool. Adelant is focused on helping the new employee become productive by enabling access to the information they need to do their job. Adelant doesn't build any HR or LMS solutions, we integrate to the best content, HR, LMS and other solutions in the market.

Does adelant deliver payroll and HR tools?

Adelant integrates with existing tools and solutions your organization may have. We provide a one-point-access to users to these tools and their information and content as necessary and according to access rights.

Is Adelant only for onboarding?

Adelant is a workplace information solution that grows with your organization and will help your employees from day 1 to 1000+. Adelant is a tool that can help employees find, access, understand and interact with any type of data source, e.g. CRM, project management tool, document management system, ERP, etc.

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